Celebrating my Home’s First Birthday in Style!

One of the proudest moments in my life – when my husband and I bought our home in Bangalore! It was a bag of mixed emotions for us – pride, joy, happiness, financial meltdown, worries about doing it up, and finally a sense of relief! We were lucky to invest in a decently done up pre-owned property. And with little imagination and some much-needed carpentry, we moved into our new home. But, why am I telling you all this? Because today our home completes 1 year and I am overjoyed! I thought of gifting my home something that would add some more character to it. Here’s what I did:

DSC_1552 DSC_1554

While I have an incurable (bordering on insanity) OCD for artworks crafted out of brass, I acquired this exquisitely carved Tara mask for a practical reason (well, mostly). I wanted to camouflage an unpolished piece of wooden stump that was looking out of place in my veneer wall unit in the living room. Hence, this brass hanging Tara mask now adorns the wooden wall and looks stunning!

On a somber note, Goddess Tara is the most revered deity in the Tibetan culture and the female counterpart of the Avalokitesvara or Bodhisattavas (the ‘Enlightened Ones’ who have the privilege to become ‘Buddha’ whenever they wish, but have chosen to serve the humanity by remaining in the cycle of birth and rebirth). In Buddhism, Tara is the female Buddha, an embodiment of  love, passion, caring, endurance, protection, wisdom, spirituality, and inner peace!

I also invested in a couple of lotus shaped brass candle holders which I found absolutely breathtaking! Each of the ‘petals’ of the lotus candle holders have Lord Buddha carved on them and the ‘lotus’ will bloom as and when you want it to! And these look great during Diwali too!!

DSC_1563 DSC_1559 DSC_1558Call it quirky or traditional, OCD or completely unnecessary, but its these lovely little details that make my home warm and inviting, bustling with happiness and positive energies everywhere! Well, Happy First Birthday dear “Home”!

Happy Decorating and have a great weekend! Cheers!

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