Home Tour: Ritu & Abhi Banka’s India-Inspired US Home

I hope all of you had a wonderful 2015 and while the tumult carries on around the world in various and unexpected forms, lets just hope this year to be positive, cheerful, and prosperous for everyone! And on that note, what better way to ring in the new year than sharing little glimpses of a beautiful ranch house in an upscale Californian suburb? That of my lovely and beautiful sister-in-law Ritu and her husband Abhi? An impressive two-level wooden marvel with a massive living-cum-dining room and three bedrooms and a beautiful kitchen.

With stunning landscapes and dense foliage like these dotting their neighborhood, its easy to imagine their style of living. But both of them, especially my brother-in-law has kept a little piece of India alive in every corner of their home with his love for hand-knotted carpets, canvas art, and brass statuettes going strong over so many years!

The living room is open on three sides to forests and plenty of sunshine. Featured here – a gorgeous brass Tara idol sitting pretty between two accent chairs (which well, complement the ranch theme perfectly with their forest-themed upholstery 🙂

A huge canvas imitation of Van Gogh’s Blue Irises brightens up the fireplace and looks just perfect. This beautiful metallic imagery of the Sun, God of light riding in his chariot in the corner of their living room took my breath away!

Another set of Tara and Lord Ganpati placed beautifully on the glass consoles. Abhi loves collecting brass idols and his annual trips to India are the perfect excuse to bring in more brass artifacts every year 🙂

A beautifully carved wooden console table with Queen Anne legs pretties up the dining space. A couple of brass statuettes and Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms complement this space well.

Another sun-lit corner of the living room with a carved wrought-iron floor lamp and a Tara! One must think – there’s no dearth of religious idols in this house!

Staircase to heaven! The level below the living room sports another console table with an enchanting display of artifacts. A batik painting accentuates the place beautifully while an idol of Goddess Saraswati is the perfect accompaniment to this home office cum study.

While they are still in the process of doing up other corners of their home, I was more than delighted to capture a few through my lens and may I say that they have done a terrific job in mixing and matching Indian ethnic sensibilities with contemporary and oriental styling. Hope you all enjoyed this short and sweet home tour. Feel free to leave the comments in the section below. Cheers!


  1. You can very well capture the beauty of a place be it a home or any other place. It is always a pleasure to read your blog. The owners have a nice collection of idols .. Loved each of them .


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