Spring is Here! And so is the Yellow Colour Burst!

Now that Spring is officially here, I am veering a little away from the Valentine’s. All I can think of now is the clear blue skies with patchwork pristine clouds, the nature’s resplendent smile, me bidding a happy goodbye to stacks of laundered woolen, and of course the colour yellow! I still remember dressing up in yellow/amber shades for the Basant Panchami celebrations at the school! I tried using this lovely, cheerful shade in one of my teatime vignettes. Take a look –

A huge brass urli (deep carved vessel) with Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge, sitting pretty in the crown. And a Gujarati yellow patchwork/embroidered runner with a couple of tea votives in the backdrop.

Another close-up of the same vignette. I have always admired this amazingly handcrafted urli for its deep and skillful carvings leave me spellbound.

One of my all time favourites – this lotus tea light never disappoints me with its versatility. And this floral tray with the brass Pooja spoon, the wood and brass jharokha, and glass votives complement the yellow theme well.

So, what do you think about this unusual yellow-inspired vignette? Stay tuned for some cool DIY might be up next week! Relish every moment of this beautiful season while its here. Cheers!!


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