Cast Away your Mid-Week Blues with a bit of Nature Around!

Wednesday! Huh! Still a couple of days to the weekend 😦 Sometimes, I feel that mid-week blues are more likely to edge out their Monday morning counterparts when it comes to affecting my mood! So, out I went this morning on a stroll and came across the perfect solution to swat these blues away – Nature!


I paired up a bunch of fresh, red carnations in a glass vase (picked up from the local flower vendor) with my latest metallic acquisition – Lord Ganpati resting on a peacock throne. A ceramic teapot and the red Warli lamp with my favourite grey stone backdrop complete this vignette.

Something so uncomplicated, and yet such a huge mood up lifter! I simply can’t get enough of the intricate carvings on this Ganpati idol – yet another beautiful gift from my MIL 🙂 Isn’t it great to have someone who happily shares your passion for all things stunning?

So, when in doubt, turn to nature! Fresh, invigorating, and as simple as it can get. There you go! That’s my way of getting through the week without complicating it too much. Whats your recipe? Do drop me a note if you liked this vignette. Cheers!

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