Home Tour: Anuradha Kapoor’s Breathtaking and Eclectic Gurgaon Penthouse

She’s a professionally trained textile designer, a proud DIYer, a painter, nature lover, a home décor enthusiast, a globe trotter, but more than anything else, she is an ARTIST at heart! If you’re thinking, she’s a superwoman, you’re probably right! She looks at things differently, perceives them differently and styles them differently. I am talking about Gurgaon based Anuradha Kapoor, the woman who dons many hats with aplomb! We take a peek into her gorgeous penthouse which speaks volumes about the woman she is – independent, whimsical, bold, and extremely creative.

Anuradha shared with me a few insights about the first time she moved into this house. Like when she didn’t like the old mosaic flooring, she painted the floors of her entire house! Unbelievable, right? And she went on to paint the doors of her kids’ rooms too! Now let me give you a visual tour of her beautiful home. Be warned: jaw dropping expressions and feelings of disbelief will be experienced during this tour and you might not want to step out of her wonderland! 😉

Her entryway is beautifully styled with mirrors, distressed frames, a stunning buffet cabinet with self-styled vignettes (which she obviously keeps changing), a huge copper Nataraj, hand made paintings and other unique pieces of wall art. And to top it all, she hand-painted a Ganesha on the main door! Just take a look –

And this is just the beginning. The living room is truly a melting pot of various world cultures; Anuradha has a mind boggling collection of curios she picked up from her travels around the world! From African masks to Chinaware to Indonesian textiles, one can clearly see a global influence in her home decor. Charmed, eh?

Anuradha likes to keep things interesting all the time and hence changes them quite often – with a little flicker of her wand 😉 well she is lucky to have a beautiful store where she stocks all her prized possessions and keeps rotating them. The living room looks sprightly with a bright red couch with a host of paintings – from hand embroidered Kantha to acrylic to Tanjore to Kalamkari and more! The other wall in the living room is dedicated to Ganesha paintings, made in different mediums, some of them by Anuradha herself. The TV room is where you can see an entire wall of African masks, picked up by Anuradha during her husband’s stint in Africa.

Anuradha loves styling different vignettes to keep her home alive. And she certainly has a knack of bringing together colours, metals, wood, and ceramics beautifully. I love how she has put together stunning onion shaped brass storage boxes with a big wooden bowl and slender ceramic vases. And of course, like I said, she keep changing the elements on her coffee table as well. Talk about Chemistry!

Every corner in this home speaks for itself, as if painted on a canvas by a free spirited artist. Well, for one, she painted this door in her daughter’s bedroom in addition to those Moroccan women on the wall. Her son’s room exudes every bit of coolness, while her own bedroom is a veritable mix and match of all things amazing!

I absolutely adore this piece of eclectic wooden wall art where she deftly organizes her little brass pieces. And these couple of beautiful Kalamkari fabric paintings just took my breath away! Loved how she mixed and matched them with the little blue ceramic vases.

Anuradha’s love for boxes and cabinets is quite evident in the way she has styled them around her home. And they have literally been sourced from all over the world! I loved this staircase shaped chest of drawers which gives her ample space to showcase and store all her goodies as well!

The DIYer in her refuses to get tired and she is constantly in the process of creating something new. Whether its paper mache Ganesha wall plaques or tins or metal vases, one can clearly see the amount of hard work and creativity this lady puts into each of her pieces. Let me show you some more –

Trunks, buckets, kettles…all painted by her!

In case you thought the trip to this treasure island is over, wait till we take you to see and marvel at her terrace garden. Anuradha’s obviously a nature lover, but here also she lets her creativity do all the talking. From the blue walls and ceramic tiles, which amazingly reflect the colour of the sky to the terracotta garden gnomes, lanterns, metal sculptures, and ceramic planters, this place is like a green heaven in the dusty environs of the Millennium City. A few more illustrations for you…

Her love and admiration for the Indian art and crafts, whether its the embroidery, patchwork, paintings, or hand crafted wood, is something that is seen rarely these days! Her home is a true embodiment of who she is in real life – inspiring, spirited, and imaginative! I would love to round up this gorgeous and inspiring home tour by a few more vignettes that Anuradha put together which truly showcase the artist in her –

Hope you enjoyed this trip to the wonderland we can all take inspiration from. Would love to hear your comments on this exquisite home. Cheers!


  1. One can never get enough of her beautifully curated home. Thank you for sharing Neha 🙂 And Anuradha I am so inviting myself over to touch and feel everything when I step my foot in Gurgaon 😉


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