Weekend DIY: A Sea & Sky Inspired Mosaic Panel

Well, its a happy weekend after the first rains quenched parched Bangalore’s thirst last night! And what an amazing weather it was! The true blue natural Bangalore AC was magically working and how! And just to celebrate this awesome weather, I indulged into a DIY this weekend and actually managed to complete it too 🙂

This sea and sky inspired mosaic panel – with lots of sea glass, beads, glass chips, in short, it was my creativity gone awry 😉 Well, the final result wasn’t as half bad as I had expected. Take a look!

The process started with assembling and sticking together these tesserae (that’s actually the term for all the bits and pieces that come together to form a mosaic) on a wooden panel. This panel by the way was an extra piece of ply cut out from my old bed.


I grouted these pieces on the board with the white tile grout and let it dry for 24 hours.

I cleaned it up the next day, patiently taking out extra grout from in between the glass pieces and then painted the sides in shades of the sky. To give it a rustic touch, I dabbed a little bit of white with a sponge brush and then lightly sanded the edges. And voila! the panel is now ready to go up on a white wall!

Let me know if you liked this DIY in comments below. And cheers to a happy and a rainy weekend!


  1. This is really beautiful. As much as I appreciate all these beautiful stuffs and want to do it myself, something really stops me from taking up the project itself. I always have the feeling that it might turn out to be messy! So I always have loads of appreciation for you and those who begin the project like this one and finish it and share the beautiful end result with us. Really encouraging!


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