Welcoming the Ganesha with Soulful Vignettes this Season

As the monsoon retracts its steps from the country and the season of festivities knocks on our doors, little do I realise that Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner;  I can already feel the devotional fervour gripping me and loud chants of ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ reverberating through the air! The much loved and revered Elephant God is back yet again and I get ready to feast on the steamed rice modaks and puran polis of the season, while taking no shortcuts in offering my prayers to the Ganesha. No wonder then that I found myself setting up vignettes all around the home to welcome and celebrate Lord Ganpati  in different avatars this year –

Ganesha on the elephant stool, Lotus tealight, and a pretty brass vase

This little Ganpati has been an integral part of our lives even before I got married and has bestowed His blessings on us through the years, across cities, and through sweet and tough times. The brass vase with multiple lady faces is a very recent addition to my metallic paraphernalia and instantly draws the eye with a twig of my favourite geranium 🙂


Ganesha on a peacock throne, Geraniums in a mosaic planter, and a bright red Dhokra-Warli Lamp

These coral hued geraniums provide an interesting backdrop to this vignette whereas the wooden dhokra-warli lamp adds another dimension to this colourful setting. The Ganesha resting on an ornate throne is yet another gift from my MIL. I consider myself really lucky to be able to share a passion for decor with my lovable MIL who loves spoiling me with such unusual, precious gifts 🙂


The dark blue mosaic planter was executed by yours truly 🙂

Ganesha in the Jharokhs, Eclectic Marigolds, and the Elephant Diya

That marigolds and brass are a match made in heaven is no secret. And this sunshine yellow wall in the background adds a dash of colour to this vignette, a bit different from the above two.

This tiny elephant diya made this vignette all the more special!

And as an added bonus for all our lovely readers, I requested Shalu, a fellow and very popular Instagrammer to share her favourite Ganpati vignettes and she happily obliged! You can follow her at Templebells.




From terracotta to stone to brass, Shalu has a treasure trove of Ganeshas in her home. I love how she effortlessly blends tradition with decor and style in each vignette! And I just couldn’t help mentioning, but she makes beautiful Tanjore paintings and is an indulgent DIYer like me. We will come back to you for more inspiration Shalu…

May you get the courage to overcome your fears, heal your wounds, and spread cheer and happiness in your lives this Ganesh Chaturthi! Ganpati Bappa Morya!! Mangalmurti Morya!



  1. Such pretty vignettes girls. You own such lovely ‘Ganeshas’ Neha. Shalu’s collection and arrangements are as always enticing. Have a great celebrations girls!


  2. Loved all the Ganeshas that you own.. And the lamp…. A perfect write up before the festival and brings warm memories of the childhood..


  3. Lovely vignettes, Ganesha’s and your narration! Special mention of your beautiful kalash that I am still lusting after! And lucky you for having such an awesome Mother In Law! :))) – Paddy


    1. Thank you so much Paddy! Glad you liked it. And you’re right. I am a lucky gal as far as my MIL is concerned 🙂 As for the kalash, lemme ask the guy if he can get another one, though he said its a single piece 🙂


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