Mere Ghar wali Diwali: A Celebration Like No Other!

With a wish in my heart, a prayer on my mind, and a hope that’s now a part of my soul, I have started preparing for my favourite festival of the year – Diwali. This year its all the more special as I welcomed my darling daughter Amaya into this world! An apple of our eyes, and a lovable pet of her big brother, she has lit up our hearts with her big, expressive, twinkling eyes and her charming toothless grin.

Every year, we follow the same ritual – deep home cleaning, scrubbing all the silver, brass, and copper goodies till they sparkle like stars, installing lights all over, repainting the planters, getting our hands dirty with rangoli, decorating the pooja altar and home; the run-up to this mother of festivals is well, exhausting. But the outcome – splendid! Oh and just an FYI, all you lovely readers are in for a beautiful treat towards the end  of this blog!

See, there’s something about Diwali that makes it so endearing, so enchanting…Its an indulgence – of family traditions being passed down through generations; its the opulence and magnificence of the earthy diyas and rustic lanterns; its the mild aroma of marigold flowers wafting through the air, and you know what the best part is – its being home with family! Diwali decor is an indispensable part of this festival and needless to say, we go all out to make it special every year. {And by that I also mean addition of new brass accents πŸ˜‰ }


So, that’s the garden…that’s just a little teaser for you before you enter home.

Deepam ladies with a lovely peacock lamp, and the Nandi Bull – a sight soaked in Indian traditions inviting everyone for Diwali.


Marigolds, brass and tiny tea-lights – a combination that can never go wrong…


  Ganesha, Buddha, and Tara all in the same frame…


A hint of nature adds a special touch to any Diwali vignette!

Just reiterating: that we really do love brass and our flowers…


Did I also mention that we love elephants? I fondly call them my pachyderm buddies πŸ™‚



I always love decorating this corner in our family room. These brass dancing ladies lend an ethnic charm to this spot. The rustic effect of the brass Ganesha and peacocks cast in Dhokra is simple yet beautiful.


This landing on the way to the first floor is a simple and delightful mix of nature and lights. Ma (my MIL) loves bringing her outdoors inside for special occasions and the onion lamps playing hide and seek with these wonderful Areca palms, create a striking imagery in this corner.

One of the ways to showcase your love for flowers – float them in shallow vessels or urlis. Copper, brass, marble, stone, or terracotta – just get a little creative and let these ethereal beauties do all the talking!

Lighting play a crucial role in upping the decor quotient of any home during Diwali. From terracotta and brass lamps to mosaic and Warli lanterns to fairy lights, our home is decked up in all its glory to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi.

I did promise you a treat towards the end of this Diwali special edition. So, I requested a fellow Instagrammer and a home decor diva, the lovely Kapila Banerjee to share her ideas for Diwali decor. And she graciously agreed to share a few vignettes from her stunning paradise.

Kapila has used an interesting assortment of lovely votives to ring in the festivities in her gorgeous abode!


I am absolutely β™₯β™₯ (ing) this stunning tablescape which boasts of everything beautiful you can possibly put together for a captivating vignette – earthy diyas, rustic Dhokra lanterns and tea-lights, brass accents, and of course bright marigold petals! I am also sure that you haven’t missed that exquisitely carved shelf housing all decor goodies in the backdrop.


Kapila has beautifully combined Indian traditional and oriental sensibilities to create a cracker of a vignette here!

Diwali is not about creating perfect magazine interiors, but indulging in the love and warmth of your family. That one time of the year when everyone just comes together to celebrate joy, happiness, and customs swathed in traditions and pass them on to the future generations. And in the same breath, may I request you all to just wish well for our true heroes – our brave soldiers who fearlessly guard our frontiers and make sure that we celebrate our festivals with pomp and grandeur?

A very Happy Diwali to all of you. May this season spread cheer and happiness in your lives. Stay safe.

P.S. Hope you liked this Diwali special edition. Please leave your comments/suggestions in the section below.



  1. Beautiful corners Neha, your combination of shimmering brass and beauty of Marigolds can melt any brass lovers heart. And thank you for showcasing Kapila’s festive ready home. She always leaves no stone unturned when it comes to decorating. Have a wonderful celebration with your festive ready homes ladies.


  2. Just got a chance to check out your lovely blog. Enjoyed this Diwali post and love the title of the post! The vignettes around your home are gorgeous and your shiney display of brass takes our breath away! Kapila’s home and vignettes are equally beautiful. Happy Diwali to you too!!!


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