Home Tour: Shalu Prasad’s Creative and Celestial Paradise

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” – Nate Berkus 

Morning sunshine streaming in and lighting up the patio, a mild breeze gently caressing the brass bells and making them chime, the ethereal beauty of freshly painted Kolams (rangoli designs), and the luxuriously serene environs in the bustling city of Bengaluru are just some of the stunning glimpses you will come across when you peek into Shalu Prasad’s home.


This patio is simply breathtaking in mornings and evenings when the sunlight dances across it at different angles, creating a magical soiree…

I met Shalu on one of the popular social media sites and got instantly hooked onto her board – templebells (quite an interesting name). She’s definitely one of the most talented women I have come across. Also, quite reticent, she lets her art do all the talking. She dabbles in Tanjore painting, Kalamkari, block prints, Pichwai, Madhubani, mandala art, mixed media painting – you name it and she’s accomplished it!  And true to the popular quote above, Shalu’s collectable paradise will charm you with its sheer beauty, richness, and cultural heritage.

Elements of traditional South Indian design dot the overall home, like these antique rosewood pillars, hand carved wooden panels and furniture in the living room.

About ‘templebells’, her home studio, she says – “Converting a house to a Home is labour of love & I revel in the process. My home is essentially a traditional Indian home as I love the rich Indian culture & heritage of India. One can get a glimpse of Indian crafts & furniture & the paintings adorning my home walls are my creative pursuits of Indian paintings”.

Each space in the living room make me marvel how well layered her home is. A perfect amalgamation of the rich wood tones, the dull metallic sheen of brass and bronze, eye-popping colours from her paintings, and hints of nature. A quartet that sings to me like a  Beethoven’s symphony.


Being a self-confessed DIYer and a decor enthusiast that she is, Shalu’s home is always evolving. She keeps changing elements in her decor every now and then, which brings about a freshness, instantly rejuvenating her home. And I believe that’s the way it should be. The day we think everything in our lives is perfect and doesn’t need a change, will be a doomsday for creativity.

I am a huge admirer of her vignettes too, so let me take you through a few of them:

This Kalamkari tray in front of Goddess Lakshmi was painted by none other than Shalu!

I love how she includes little nuggets of everything – wood, metal, a sprig of green in most of her vignettes. While the South Indian design sensibilities weave a cohesive story throughout the house, streaks of cultural diversity are also visible  in various corners, like this exquisitely carved Rajasthani jharokha.

That’s templebells – her home studio on the first floor. Her Mecca for pursuing and showcasing her remarkable creative pursuits…



This beautiful Tanjore Krishna painting is just one among the many others that Shalu has painted.


And one more – Tirupati Balaji. She had this exquisitely carved wooden panel (below the painting) convert into a beautiful ledge for showcasing her metallic spoils. Did you also know that she hand cut those paisley patterns from a copper sheet to create a gorgeous Toran for Diwali? Delightful, eh?


Even her little garden isn’t devoid of her artistic touches – that’s a hand painted corner in her green heaven.

Her love for brass bells and lamps is evident by the way they thrive across the home. And by the way, that red tray housing the brass kalash and deepams is an intricate Kolam motif block printed tray, done by her, of course!

Shalu’s tasteful interiors evoke traditional Indian sensibilities, rich aroma of wood, radiance from the lustrous handcrafted metal, and charm of a piece of tradition being passed down through the generations.

Her home is a flawless balance of her impeccable artwork and creatively stunning DIYs, with just the right trickle of modern style. This corner in her dining room sports miniature clay pots she has collected over the years and ceramic barnis (pots used for pickles) inherited from her mom.

shalu12And its hard not to find a space that’s not been given a templebells touch! That’s a corner in her bedroom…


And with this, I leave you all thinking,  marvelling, and hopefully revisiting Shalu’s home in these images, drawing inspiration for your own homes. I, for one know, that I will…

You can follow Shalu Prasad on templebells. Do drop a line telling me whether you liked this beautiful home or not. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

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