Eleven Popular Instagram Decor Divas show us the right way to ring in the Spring!

From you have I been absent in the spring,

When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim,

Hath put a spirit of youth in everything…William Shakespeare

Hello There! Now that the snugly layers are feeling a bit too warm for comfort now and the Sun is playfully peek-a-booing, its time we embrace the fresh, sweet, mild breeze of Spring…Yes, Spring time is here! Now normally, I would create a little flower vignette or bring the colours from my Bloomingdale inside for a Spring edition on my blog, but this time I requested a few and very talented friends of mine from the Instagram family to share their ideas of bringing in this lovely season this year and all of them very happily and gracefully obliged! Without further ado, lets roll…

Bindu Joseph (Kerala): From ‘God’s Own Country’, comes this beautifully done up patio in Bindu’s home. She feels that she can be with the nature and it’s beautiful gifts like flowers. Well, who wouldn’t want to curl up on this comfy chair with a book and a hot cuppa in a porch flanked by coconut trees and an expansive green space in the backdrop? Charming, isn’t it? Follow Bindu Here.

Bindu 1

Shalu Prasad (Bengaluru): From namma city, the amazingly talented Shalu shared this pic of her sunlit patio and a brass urli full of eclectic Vinca that reminds me of the one thing that Spring is always associated with – the myriad ways one can do up their homes with just being around nature! And if you still haven’t gone through her awesome home, here is the blog link. You can follow her Here.


Rukmini (Mumbai): That Rukmini inspires all of us in the decor realm with her design blog-website – Trumatter is no secret; she shared this beautiful image of a delicate hand-tied bouquet of fresh flowers. She says – “This spring, I am looking at pretty pastels, shades of ocean blue, dark green and brown as a part of my decor. Come spring, I love to get the outdoors in and you’ll find tufts of hand tied bouquet, little plants and fresh cuts of greens collected from my walks all through my home. In a city like Mumbai, it’s important that you bring the outside in”. Don’t you all agree with her? Well, I do. You can follow Rukmini Here.


Kapila Banerjee (Indore): Kapila, who has a flair for putting Indian, oriental, and African knick-knacks together in ways that are alluring to many and is also a dear fellow Instagrammer says – “This is my only outdoor space adjoining the living room and family room. It’s my soul searching nook corner where the morning tea with pleasant weather of Indore makes me feel about myself. I have handpicked all plants and always look forward in checking upon them during my morning time with self. The easy chair gives a very relaxed feel more so with spring round the corner . Love using my colouring book too in this space”. Kapila added sparkles to my last year’s Diwali blog with her stunning vignettes. You can read about it here. Follow Kapila Here.


Anuradha Kapoor (Gurgaon): Anuradha, Founder of the handcrafted decor brand – Anuraya and an immensely talented diva says – “Spring is the time for rejuvenation and regrowth. After a cold winter, when the plants sprout new leaves and flowers, it is a sight to behold. I love to fill my garden with seasonal blooms and watch them add a fresh look….the vibrant colours, the different varieties and textures make me marvel at the beauty of nature, which is unparalleled”. Well, I can for sure sit on your terrace for hours together and marvel at the dazzling space you’ve created here Anuradha! Her penthouse tour, if you’re interested to go through, is here and you can follow Anuradha Here.


Sabita (Hyderabad): The talented lady behind the blog Coloraaga – Sabita, loves adding colour and freshness to her Springy vignettes. This is what she has to say – “When the happy earth looks at sky and sings, when all its birds, leaves, blossoms shape up into new, the joy bursts and the season of spring begins. When there is spring in air all around, our minds call for giving a spring touch to our home. And with a little touch of happiness and creativity we can actually invite the joy of freshness into our homes too”. Wow! wish I could steal a dash of poetic goodness from her! She also goes on to list her favourite tips and tricks of making small changes but bringing loads of joy and freshness this spring in every nook of the home.


  • Inviting freshness is the key to bringing a fresh feeling into your homes.This can be done by bringing in some indoor plant and combining it with natural beautiful paintings.
  • A hint of brass can instantly lift up the look of a space; combining it with plants makes it all the more appealing.
  • Adding freshness around your work space too brings in energy and enthusiasm while working.
  • Create a relaxed area for yourself near the window by selecting coloured popped up cushions, throws and fancy drapes where you can really feel the springy moments.
  • Update your cushions, drapes, bedsheets etc with floral prints or leafy designs.
  • Use earthen bowls filled with water to float fresh flowers.
  • Bring in bright and scented blooms indoors.
  • Go natural while creating tablescapes with wood, pebble etc.
  • Create a space specifying joy and celebration all around with your collected artefacts.


Well, you definitely summarised the essence of this blog for me there! Thank you Sabita! You can follow here Here.

Meera D’Souza (Michigan, USA): Meera shared this charming image of her gazebo just when the spring starts to set in. She says – “It (the gazebo) starts off bare and just the Japanese Maple starts to come to life. A few weeks later, we have beautiful wisteria that start blooming under the gazebo. That’s when we bring out our garden furniture for the gazebo area and add in the hanging pots. Just at the entrance of the gazebo, a huge rose bush grows wildly. We have never trimmed it down because we love the full blooms it brings. We tend to sit out a lot during spring and summer and recently added a ‘chandelier’ to the gazebo area. Its made of a hula hoop with Christmas lights strung around it. Its a Pinterest copy”. An inspiration from Pinterest or not, you had me at the gazebo and wisteria, Meera! And we are definitely adoring this space. You can follow Meera Here.


Nirmala Iyer (Seattle, US): Nirmala of the popular IG handle ‘Ocher Cottage’ is one lady who is giving us serious lessons in creating classic decor spaces. She says – “Getting away from perpetual darkness, I am so ready for longer days as the sunlight starts to stick around longer and our little miss sunshine ( not so little anymore) is a spring baby, which is reason enough to love this season. Sprucing up the space with some spring colours, creating this vignette for the awesome blog ‘acauldronfulloflove’ has me longing for spring already! Well I gotta keep calm ’cause I know Spring is coming soon!” Well, I am stoked, firstly with the sheer colour palette and the striking imagery cast by this beautiful vignette, which has all my favourite elements put together – carved wood, fresh flowers, brass, and stoneware; and secondly, she’s lovingly woven the blog name in her words! Thank you Nirmala. You can follow her Here.


Nupur (Ontario, Canada): Life Across the Seven Seas – a gorgeous blog by Nupur who is a doting mother to her two lovely daughters and shares her passion for travel, food, and home decor. She says – “Spring is a much awaited season here in Canada. After the harsh winter we desperately wait for arrival of Spring. To set the mood in my home I like adding fresh colorful Tulips, certainly a perfect symbol of spring. Fresh flowers and sunshine is what adds the zing to any home. Here is one corner of my home, on a bright sunny day ready to “spring ahead”.” Well, there’s definitely a spring in my step after seeing this vivid bunch of fresh tulips! You can follow Nupur Here.


Pinky Shah (Toronto, Canada): Pinkz Passion really doesn’t need any introduction! She has been such an integral part of the home decor realm that my day on IG doesn’t go by without appreciating (rather ogling at) her stunning table scapes. She says – We Torontonians always are under weather war. Usually spring is brutally slow in our part of the world…but I am leaving no stone unturned for spring arrival at my end. Nothing beckons spring as tulips to me. Tulips rekindle our love affair and signal a seasonal switch to spring after an unfaithful Canadian winter. Spring is loudly felt here when tulips take over my coffee table décor. To take on a fresh look, I have attired tulips in a “lassi glass” with my everyday gold brass. An enforced seasonal swap of accessories on my coffee table and small touches of colourful cushions and throws have made this room happy and humming. Hopefully, this gentle prod to put a spring in our step will let us easily tackle the happiest times of spring”. I have always been a huge admirer of Pinky’s aesthetics where she effortlessly blends Indian traditional decor with contemporary sensiblities – case in point being: fresh tulips in a brass Lassi glass! In case you haven’t already been following Pinky, you can do so Here.


Disha Mishra Dubey (Pune): Design Decor and Disha, or better known as 3D is a lovely blog by Disha where she chronicles her experiences with home decor, gardening, and most importantly art where she finds solace! She says “Spring is the most amazing time of the year. Nature unfolds its mystique and true beauty. You get to see the most enticing colours all around and not to mention dull brown is replaced by cheerful green. The weather becomes quite comfortable too. Taking the cue from mother nature I welcome spring at home by infusing lots of cheerful colours. Owing to my green thumb I love to add greens around my home. Buddha head exudes serenity and makes the environment even more alluring. Glowing tealights in the evening create the perfect springy ambience. An intoxicating and invigorating aroma from these scented tealights and fresh blooms in my balcony garden wafts in the air and fills my home with the spring cheer”. I am so happy to see that properous Jade on your coffee table Disha and can’t wait to have myself over at your place. You can follow Disha Here.


You didn’t think I was gonna end this edition without a glimpse from my little Bloomingdale, did you? The geraniums, ferns, and jade are doing really well in this corner and I had to capture them!


And as a special touch for Spring, I added a couple of these beautiful stained glass butterflies by Pavneet Soni from Art My Glass. Delightful little creatures, aren’t they? 😀


Well, this brings me to the end of this Spring-special piece. Hope you all will take cues from these decor experts and usher this lovely season in your homes with joy and happiness! Have a great week ahead! Cheers!!


  1. Well penciled article Neha and kudos to the efforts of all decor queens. All images are dreamy enough to ring in spring. Thank you for making me a part of this beautiful feature. Love Pinkz

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very well written and presented Neha! So wonderful to see all the decor enthusiasts sharing Spring in their homes. Enjoyed every bit of the feature. Thank you for including me and I think your beautiful feature is definitely going to send warmer vibes for an early spring here!! Best wishes – Nupur


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