An Enchanted World: Seema Singh’s Home

As I make my way through a lane in one of the layouts in my neighbourhood, I notice that the Tabebuia trees are abloom with the brightest yellows and royal purples, creating a magical  canopy on both sides of the road. It is in that moment that I am transported to a day dream, an enchanted world that’s lush with leafy tropicals and blooming beauties, with butterflies taking a pit stop on them, a clearing in the woods where I can be with nature and take in the goodness of fresh springy air, a green heaven where I wake up to the cacophonous music of the birds – luckily for me, and for you, one such world exists…


The mesmerising and charming nest of Seema and Rakesh Singh will floor anyone who visits them. Seema, a proud homemaker has moved all over the country at least twelve times with her husband, before settling down in Bangalore 14 years ago in a place they call their home. While their two girls have flown the nest and are living happily, Seema is living her dream too as an ardent gardener, a decor enthusiast, and an avid reader.


The first thing that strikes you when you enter the Singhs’ home is the abundance of life…its so green, serene, and rejuvenating, that you stop to think whether this is real; especially in the context of present day Bangalore where all you can witness is the rapid mushrooming of skyscrapers with absolute apathy towards the environment 😦


Seema has done an extraordinary job with her garden considering that’s her first love. She loves bringing her indoors outside to savour that perfect cup of tea and a good read in mornings and evenings. Laid back chairs, carved tables, a frangipani canopy, garden gnomes, candles, delicate chimes, and even dragonflies – all these elements competely define this quaint, dreamy space.


And its not just the outside, but the home aesthetics have also been taken care of lovingly. Seema is a self-confessed scavenger who loves hunting for vintage pieces for her home. from intriguing pebbles, twigs, horses, seeds to tins, paintings, and typographic panels. Interestingly, there’s an order to her random collection that fits in so perfectly with her decor that it’s a treat to the senses.

Seema says her taste is eclectic and it completely shows in her home. Change is the only constant and her home keeps evolving with the season, her moods, whims, and fancies. From a re purposed sewing machine and colourful furnishing to vintage frames and paintings from unknown talented artists, her home sports all and the one thing that’s constant in her style is the incorporation of plants in her home.


She says – “Creating a home you love means putting in the effort and time into actually enjoying it. Carving out minutes where you can sit in your favourite spot in the house, drink a cup of tea and have a mindful moment. It’s about feeling the seasons and holidays pass by while incorporating joyfulness in your home. It’s about embracing the idea that everyday is a celebration. And it’s definitely, definitely about sharing your home.”


I love how Seema has upcycled this old sewing machine into a showstopper flanked by framed mirrors in the entryway. And Vintage is all the more pronounced with those wooden shoe moulds under the table that were used by the Italian shoemakers in the early 1960’s. 

Her living room is an assorted imprint of her personality – cushions, rugs, plants, lamps, colourful votives and glass jars – everything seems to flow in seamlessly to create a cohesive, open space.


But its the magenta accent wall with a carved mirror that  takes the cake!


A blue jay at heart, she is always in the process of doing up her home. Her mother, who always kept a pretty home in spite of limitations, has been her inspiration. 


Seema has fond memories of growing up in open spaces with verdant gardens, tree canopies, expansive verandas, and patchwork skies and she makes sure to incorporate the nature element in every nook and corner of her home. No wonder, then, that there’s always a blossoming branch of bougainvillea on the table or a lazy palm leaf playing peek-a-boo behind a lamp!


Seema’s innate nature is to weave in an emotional element in every story she shares about her home. For instance, she got this teak cabinet in a distress sale and yet again up cycled it with her mom’s Pochampally ikat sari and vintage knobs. It carries a sentimental value and looks delightful, doesn’t it?


This earthy, beautiful painting of a woman drawing kolams is so deeply steeped in Indian traditions, something that is a routine in most of the South Indian households every morning; bought from an unknown artist, it does complete justice to this space.


And her love affair with colours is something I never get tired of seeing. If it was the magenta wall in the living room that took my breath away, its this bright green wall near the staircase landing that has Seema’s style stamp etched firmly on it. She got the Batik painting from the famed Chitra Santhe (an annual art festival at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath) and the dashavatars are from a local fair in Pondicherry. She has kept this space uncluttered and lets the art do the talking. 



Seema’s bedroom too has streaks of her eclectic demeanour and is an inviting space of contrast in the way she has blended vintage jharokhas (screens), a kilim bedend, bright artwork  and nature elements that she has borrowed from her garden.

Her love for typography is evident by the way they are spread across the expanse of the house. She loves doodling too and comes up with something interesting every time. I loved a couple of her quirky typographic panels which not only add a textural element to the decor but also have an undercurrent of sarcasm and humour.

Interesting phrases like “Scotchland Yard” to showcase her collection of fine wine or “Opinions expressed by the husband in this Home are not necessarily those of the Management”  definitely got my attention. This typographic rolling pin is from 1935…

A voracious reader, Seema loves getting lost in the aroma and soul of books and she has them stocked in the all the rooms and probably some of the unlikeliest places too!

An avid traveller too, she always comes back with a souvenir for her home to add engaging facets to her home. She’s inherited a few lovely pieces including a rosewood dresser and beautiful silverware from both her grand moms and preserves them with her life!

Seema’s home is a testimony to the fact that you can live beautifully with what you love; you can preserve it, improve upon it, re-purpose it, re-style it and make it look fascinating every single time! Before ending this magical soiree in Seema’s enchanting home and an equally charming outdoor world, I just want to reiterate a line by George Bernard Shaw – “The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig Him there.”

Hope you all liked this home tour. Do leave your comments in the section below:

(All images published in this blog belong to Seema Singh and may not be replicated or reproduced without prior permission. Text copyright: A Cauldron Full of Love)



  1. Thanks for bringing to us another lovely home Neha! I love your narration style, it was as if I myself was walking from one corner to the other in Seem’s enchanting home….


  2. Wow! What a beautiful home journey this was!! Absolutely a treat for the eyes. So dreamy… Thnk you Neha. Enjoyed every bit of this lovely home😍


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