Harmonious Balance of Traditional Indian Sensibilities and Modern Minimalism: B Gayathri’s Dallas Home

A BIG hello and warm hugs to all my readers! Weather in my city is finally feeling like the good, old Bengaluru (warm days and pleasant breezy nights); also after a month and a half of hectic travel, I am finally back home and its never felt so good before! That the city’s incredible weather has spoilt me is no secret and I dread going anywhere else in summers. We may go anywhere in the world, but its the HOME where our hearts belong. Like the Great Dalai Lama has said “Home is where you feel at home and are treated well.”

Today we travel all the way to Dallas, US, to B Gayathri’s home, a heaven that chirps with the constant, unpretentious laughter and jibber jabber of her kids, a celestial abode where her Indian roots have been kept alive and are thriving in full glory, and where she makes up for all the nostalgia stemming from her traditional South Indian upbringing.

They say, looks can be deceptive and rightly so. First look at Gayathri’s home and its typical US styled massive facade intimidates you with its modern, exposed brick structure, huge entrance, big French windows and sloped roofs, and an expansive yard. The inside of course, is a different story altogether. Amidst all the modern minimalism lies Gayathri’s passion for keeping her memories from India intact with walls draped in intricate wood carvings, the mantle declaring its love for authentic Indian art and brass figurines, and the delicate kolams enlivening the main entryway!

Gayathri’s passion for the desi decor took wings when she was a kid. She says – “As you can see, I am a big brass artefact collector – most of them were handed down to me from my Mom and Mother-in-law; many were cooking utensils that they used! I love anything Desi and I will say my house is more traditional South Indian with a lot of Kerala influences. Living so far away from home makes me want to decorate every corner with a memory that reminds me of home. I keep saying when I move back to India, I will have a modern minimalist home”.

The home aesthetics are painted in dreamy, neutral shades and are brought to life with a plethora of wall art and brass artefacts. The entryway is simple, uncluttered and spells elegance all the way. I love the generous infusion of Tanjore paintings and the gold stencil work on the backdrop that Gayathri did herself is just incredible!

On that note, did I mention that she’s quite a DIYer herself? Probably not. Stencilled walls, painted furniture, trays, kolams, Gayathri has brought almost everything to life with her vivacious colour palette. Just take a look:

And she certainly nailed the Gond style artwork on that wall!

The formal living room completely swathed in the warm sunlight evokes a sense of space, calm, and serenity. Eclectic cushions add the much needed dose of colour on her neutral couch. And don’t you just love that Moroccan coffee table?

Having moved to the US in 2007 for her Masters degree and now working as an Internal Auditor at an MNC in Dallas, Gayathri has created a space that is a perfect, seamless blend of modern minimalism and traditional Indian maximal-ism. For instance, this Pichwai painting of Srinath Ji  against a creamy, crystal beach hued stencilled backdrop with brass lamps totally won me over with its classy elegance.


Gayathri gives complete credit to her little kids Arjun and Aadya, who are 5 and 3 years respectively who don’t touch any of her artefacts. As a matter of fact, they love helping her arrange them around the house.


This image of old, hand-me-down brass utensils as re-purposed planters on Gayathri’s Instagram feed was what instantly drew me to connect with her. Aren’t they just breathtaking?

And how beautifully simple yet charming are these brass vessels arranged in this console table? A hint of green, wall art, and of course, brass in elevates this corner and creates an interesting Indian melange!

Beautiful walls create beautiful memories…an eclectic assortment of family photos, mirrors, lithographs, and hand painted shelves…whats not to love here?

These intricately carved wooden Kavadi panels, Marapachi dolls and vibrant masks from the epic Ramayana can make anyone go weak in their knees. I am no exception!


Sunlight floods the entire master bedroom and creates a sense of space. Again the neutrals here are propped up against bright bed linens and paintings. Gayathri has created a stunning reading nook in one corner of her bedroom. And the nook transforms every now and then with a change in the cushions. Loved those floating book selves too! Check it out…

The kids’ rooms are still a work in progress, but I love the way they’re so organised and vibrant. Whats more, both Arjun and Aadya are allowed to pick and choose the accents that go in their rooms, for instance this bed cover. Must say, they both have good taste! 🙂


Liked I mentioned – super organised! 😀


The guest room is yet another elegant space and spells effortless styling.


Gayathri attributes this little green space in her backyard to her parents! We got terracotta figurines, Talavera planters,  seasonal blooms, and a Ganpati idol too here working perfectly against the exposed brick backdrop!


The kitchen is infused with the warmth of wood and is largely monochromatic, uncluttered, and clean lined without any unnecessary drama.


These enormous stone Pavai Vilakus dotting the entryway foyer redefine the old world charm as do the little antique brass lamps, don’t they? Did your heart skip a beat? Mine too, to say the least!

Wall art forms an integral part of Gayathri’s abode and are placed at vantage points. Here’s what she has to say – “My love for traditional paintings and decor is mainly because of my father’s interest; we used to spend hours at Dastkar Fair and Pragati Maidan in Delhi for years and collected them over a period!” We don’t come across father and daughter bonding over art everyday, do we? Super super adorable!

Gayathri’s home is testament to the fact that our traditions and values can coexist beautifully with modern minimalism – Tanjore paintings, brass accents, wooden carvings and kavadi panels, all these nod to this lovely home owner’s South Indian roots and completely reflect her passion, pride, and love for her culture. I certainly had a lovely time penning down my thoughts on B Gayathri’s stunningly done up home. Did you have a good time reading it? Waiting to hear from you…


(All images published in this blog belong to B Gayathri and may not be replicated or reproduced without prior permission. Text copyright: A Cauldron Full of Love)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and well organised. You are right that inspire of being so far from India, the house is a perfect Indian house. I love the shades, the sudden colour at places, the reading nook. I should stop and say, her place was simply gorgeous. Thank you for bringing it to your readers.
    Good job, Gayathri.


  2. OMG Neha, this is one home after my heart. Not sure how and why I missed but my heart is lost here. Very pretty and swooning over her collection of wall sculptures. Fantastically presented! Love!!


  3. Omg… Dear, you literally took us all readers to Gaytri’s lovely paradise step by step… Such wonderful presentation…it truly made my heart skip a beat.. And Gayatri am short of words to describe your taste and elegance that is reflecting in each and every corner of your love nest dear.. A huge salute to your organizing skills… The reading nooks stole my heart…. Thank you thanks a ton for this beautiful write up dear… Loads of love..


  4. Love her style and collection,so beautiful and neatly organized ,makes me want to redecorate my house.


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