Effortlessly Elegant and Simple: Renu’s Paradise

My Dearies,

A BIG Hello to all of you! Monsoon has arrived in India and how! I was recently witness to the verdant Western Ghats and all I can say is I felt so small, so petite in front of nature’s wonders – water cascading down as freshly formed waterfalls, dark grey clouds hovering dangerously low over the highway, pristine green grass carpet stopping just at the road edge and waiving to the passersby, as if asking them to take a pit stop, take a deep breath, and just admire that innate sentiment of the abundance of life – I wish I had better words to pour my emotions and serve it to you on a platter…Sigh!

Its been a while since you all took Gayathri’s India-inspired US home tour with me. If not, here’s the link to it.

While I shamelessly admit that I am an unabashed, irrevocable maximalist when it comes to home decor – I love the sight of the scintillating metal (read: brass, copper, bronze) in every corner of my home, Oh! the intoxicating aroma of the yellowed pages of my stacks of books and the warm, inviting, patina of dark wood. As much as I love to stay in my museum-worthy abode (that’s what my Hubs calls it), at times, I do crave for a simple, uncluttered place which exudes a peaceful vibe; where I don’t have to bring my cleanliness OCD to the fore everyday and where I can just curl up my feet with a book without worrying about the wrinkles on the couch.

And when I came across Renu’s residence on Instagram, I knew I had to bring it to my readers.

Living room

Renu Kothari shares a 3-bedroom home with her husband in Bangalore, which comes with its set of limitations of being a rental accommodation. Not an extra nail than the ones permitted, no alterations in the floor plan, and no cosmetic changes in the interiors are just a few rules that any tenant (one with discerning love for decor) must abide by before getting into a leased accommodation.


Swathed in neutral hues, this home embodies the owners’ penchant for colour therapy in the form of eclectic accents.



Renu says – “A home has to be a place where you want to come back to at the end of the day. I would call my home style as ethnic modern. I’m attracted to ethnic art across the globe, handicrafts and like to display them in my home. I feel these artefacts add soul to any place.”

I truly felt connected to the zen-like aura of Renu’s home – she has kept minimal lines and kept it uncluttered, without compromising on the decor. Her elegant taste is reflected across her home – right from the soft, mul block print drapes to the ikat bed spreads and assorted cushions to that indispensable hint of nature.


Many of her friends who visit her home have complimented her saying that her home has an amazing peaceful vibe.


Natural sunshine filters in through the large windows and lights up the dining area. I am crushing on the kilim settee and the rug below. The dining space exudes warmth and instantly invites the guests over for a meal.


The study again, flows with the serenity vibe that is seen in the entire home. Perfect amount of sunlight streaming in, whimsical knick knacks, a hot cuppa, and a quiet corner…what else does one need in life?


The master bedroom too sports  strikingly similar decor plan with dots of colour sprinkled over white neutrals. Add a planter on the end table and voila…

A few of Renu’s favourite vignettes…she makes sure to incorporate her various travel souvenirs in different corners of her home, making it even more homely and alluring.

Renu has listed down a few mantras for all of us for upping the decor ante at a rental residence:

  1. Keep it clutter free.
  2. A place for everything and everything’s in place.
  3. Cleanliness has to be inside out.
  4. Decor and colours used in the form of textiles keep changing as per the season.
  5. Plants are a must.


And that’s the lovely Renu herself! Renu, you still have an open invitation to drop in anytime for a cup of tea at my place, considering its literally across the street! You can follow Renu here. Hope you all liked this mini home tour. I would love to hear your comments/feedback in the section below. Till we meet next, Cheers!

(All images published in this blog belong to Renu Kothari and may not be replicated or reproduced without prior permission. Text copyright: A Cauldron Full of Love)


  1. Renu, you indeed have a home with peaceful vibe. Greatness choice of colors and accessories. Thank you Neha for bringing this feature.


  2. Beautiful home! I like the mixing of ethnic with modern in Renu’s home and and also the clutter free space!! Thank you Neha for your beautiful narration and thanks Renu for taking us along this tour of your home


  3. Hey Neha..was just wondering how does one feature on your blogs! 😉 I think I share your passion for home decor and I am also a house-proud woman & hotel professional. Came across this lovely coverage of Renu’s pad and got thinking..why not mine? Hmm 🙂 Im on chawla.ritu75@gmail.com if you are checking responses! Thank you!


  4. Simple but elegant…i just loved the way uve decorated ur home vd love n passion..lovved d collection of cushions..


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