Creativity and Quirk galore: Reshma’s Bohemian Nest


I know I have been missing from the blogosphere for a long time but there’s a pretty good reason for it – the last couple of months went into launching and promoting my home-owned brand: ‘Armaya’. Something that started purely out of simple DIYs executed at home is slowly starting to take shape as a bespoke, handcrafted range of decor and utilitarian products. And I promise to do an exclusive segment for all of you purely on how my DIYs led to the creation of Armaya.

Today, I am taking you all to a ‘Fauji’ home – that of Reshma Kadvath. I stumbled upon her gorgeous home on one of the popular social media sites and was completely bowled over by its innate uniqueness and quirkiness. Most of the things that we deem inconspicuous in our day to day lives were put to such beautiful use by her that I had to chronicle this particular piece for you all.

As a matter of fact, it was this log clock that set the ball rolling for this blog. As the story goes, a big sheesham tree fell on her home during one of the army postings, bringing down the entire kitchen wall. Reshma crafted a few pieces out of the fallen tree trunk, one of them being this beautiful clock! Isn’t that absolutely brilliant?

Trunk clockReshma  is a proud Army Wife and her husband is a Colonel in the Indian Army. With a marital bliss spanning over two decades and two teenage kids, she has finally managed to come out of the closet and pursue her interest in ‘creativity’ and psychology. In fact, she has even authored a book, titled ‘Creative Musings of an Army Wife’ (which was originally a blog). A second book is also in the fray and illustrates more than a 100 creative ideas and her musings. Did I just say she has come out of the closet? She seems to be a seasoned writer too 🙂

There were three very definitive DIYs that made me cover Reshma’s home. Things that were absolutely out of the box – The Stove Table, the Idli Stand Chandelier and the Sieve Coffee Table. Confused? Lets get a glimpse…

Stove Table
The Stove Table


Idli Stand Chandelier
The Idli Stand Chandelier
kadhai lamp 1
The Sieve Coffee Table

I have seen and attempted quite a few DIYs in my life but the ones above are a different ball game altogether! Who would have thought about creating a sigdi from an old sieve or a chandelier from a decrepit idli stand? Reshma jokingly says she would have treaded the creative path rather than graduating in science had she known that her DIYs would be received so well by everyone.


As far as decor goes, Reshma has not set any rules when it comes to doing up the interiors of her home, but gravitates towards rustic decor; and since her accommodation keeps changing every 2 years, its neither feasible nor economical to stick to a particular decor style. So, you will see an interestingly warm and inviting desi-bohemian vibe all around her place interspersed with rustic self-designed photo frames on the wall, tribal hangings, tree barks, a Gujarati embroidered skirt turned wall art, and an abundance of creativity flowing seamlessly everywhere.

Rustic Photo Frames carved out from tree trunks and barks
Living room
Living Room replete with interesting curios

For her, the home has to reflect her warm and loving personality and has to be aesthetically appealing and creatively inspiring. Memories play a big part in Reshma’s life and every piece, big or small in her home has a story to it and is inspired by nature. Hence, her enviable treasure includes stones, rocks, feathers, wood, fossils… lying around in her home at any given point in time.

machan table
A tiny ‘Machan’ for holding her favourite Coffee Mug

See that rust orange cosy settee – its actually an old trunk re purposed with curvy sidearms and decked up with lots of cushions and Kantha patchwork spreads to make for a perfect reading corner. And by the way, those hanging lamps are actually up-cycled bottles again!

Bohemian 1

For someone who is delighted by the idea of finding beauty and purpose in inconspicuous things, Reshma’s creativity soared high when she became a part of the Army fraternity – meeting a Cauldron full of interesting and talented women who inspire each other to excel creatively further fueled her passion. Being an integral part of the social commitments, activities, events and competitions, Reshma’s need for perfection and artistry reached new heights. Featured below: cushion covers made from Reshma’s daughter’s old Santa attire and a popular campaign for saving the girl child.

Some of her other fascinating DIYs that caught my eye: Houseboat (bought years ago from Kerala) turned into a wall lamp, biscuit tins and glass bottles re-purposed into candle holders (really cute!)


Old drum re-purposed into a garden table, Oblique wood slices fashioned into side tables and plaques…

Reshma calls herself an ‘old soul’, both in thought & taste. She loves everything that has an old world charm to it, most of it, leaning towards ethnic. So, if you see her gleefully sporting a fossilized necklace, don’t be surprised 🙂 Dating back to the Jurassic era and dug up from the Kuldhara village in Rajasthan, these belemnite fossils (an extinct marine animal) look fabulous on her! Now I know what she meant by being an old soul 😉

Fossil necklace

Reshma’s ingenuity for crafting the most amazing utilitarian things out of mundane objects is a testament to the fact that creativity knows no bounds, it cannot be curbed by lack of space or resources; that it absolutely meditative and the pure joy of seeing something that came out of your imagination every single day is well, indescribable – Like I have always said that DIYs are a great way of re-purposing and saving Mother Nature from further decimation.

You can visit Reshma’s Instagram page here

I have one last thing to add before I end this piece and that is I have great respect for our Armed Forces who dont think twice before putting their lives on the line to protect us day in day out, but I have greater respect for their spouses who not only are rock solid pillars of support for them, but also a big inspiration to all of us!

This is me signing off from the last blog of the year 2017. Wish you all Happy Holidays and an awesome new year!

(All images published in this blog belong to Reshma Kadvath and may not be replicated or reproduced without prior permission. Text copyright: A Cauldron Full of Love)


  1. Hi Neha… Your blog is absolutely brilliant. You really have a way with words. With your word play you have elevated my humble creations into ‘superstars’. Thanks a ton for featuring my DIYs so beautifully… indeed i am humbled & honoured. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours with Armaya. With your creativity, you are surely going to go places. Sending your way truckloads of cauldrons filled with love…. keep rocking. Reshma.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Reshma. Glad you liked it. Personally I feel I could have done a better job at it if my daughter hadn’t been unwell. Thank you for giving me this lovely opportunity. Warm Regards, Neha


  2. Knowing her for quite some time, I can’t help but give Reshma ‘fullsome’ credit for the imaginative creations from plain but ‘electric musings’ however ….watch out ! ‘The best is yet to be born’ ! I also commend Ms Neha for weaving the beautiful word choreography which has brought out the magic of Reshma out of her closet for the world to note and appreciate …….Amazing ! … both Reshma and Neha ! Ciao !


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