Bespoke, Functional, & Chic: The Object Store

When I conceptualized Armaya roughly six months back, the only thought going through my mind was to perfectly amalgamate the earthiness of wood and my absolute eternal love for the colourful, vibrant tiles to create something that would be defined by adjectives such as – ‘Bespoke’, ‘Handcrafted’, ‘Customisable’ and yet affordablesomething that is created by hands and not mass-manufactured on an assembly line. When I think of wood, my mind instantly springs up words like organic, rustic, charming, earthy, and I get teleported to a village full of barns, wooden cottages, patchwork hills, clear blue skies, and fresh, soul-rejuvenating air!

Last week when I came across a new Mumbai-based start-up, I had a déjà vu. The Object Store, an online shopping destination for furniture, lighting, and home decor is also born of a similar concept – tasteful designs at accessible prices. This venture by Aditya Doshi is creating inroads into the furniture and decor segment with chic, voguish designs for homes with lasting impressions. Aditya’s experience of working with furniture stores in the past came in handy when this idea struck him. These products are made of high-quality wood which ensures their strength, durability, and perfectly chiseled looks over the years.


Like the clean and minimalist lines of this ‘Flex Table‘ were enough to charm me and I instantly got one for my home too. Crafted out of teak wood, this table is as versatile as anything you can get – you can use it over your couch armrests to place your hot cuppa or food while watching TV or reading, since the legs perfectly slip under the sofa; you also avoid any spillage on your favourite couch and cushions. You can also use it as an end table or a bedside accompaniment. Take a look at how I have styled this table in various ways –

The Flex Table here has been styled as an end table with a big kalash full of fresh flowers adorning it. Did you notice those stunning wood grains on the tabletop?

My love for tiny brass knick-knacks is well displayed on the Flex Table here. I set it against the stone wall cladding for an interesting backdrop.


This one was taken among the nature’s bounty in my Bloomingdale with my hot cuppa and the newspapers to give me company on a windy, nippy morning.

I absolutely fell head over heels in love with this cute pet groove. As plush and comfortable as it can get for your furry friends, this product will definitely strengthen your bond with them. Designed out of grade 1 solid teak wood, you can choose any space for parking this gorgeous groove. In fact, they should design something like this for humans too – snug corners for lounging/reading or just doing absolutely nothing! On similar lines of this groove is another interesting statement piece – Pet Crib. A perfectly crafted living space for your pet, it comes with a cosy mattress (with removable covers for easy maintenance) and a door for their privacy 🙂 This crib in reality actually also functions very well as a side table as you can see in the image below.

Other fascinating pieces from The Object Store include (but not limited to) the Hexa Wall Mirror, Corona Lamp, and the Flip Coffee Table. The Hexa Wall Mirror combines the versatility and utilitarian qualities of a mirror and a wooden shelf. You can fit this mirror in any space – your foyer, the space above your end table, in the kitchen for holding a few essentials, or even have a small wall corner dedicated to it.


The Flip Coffee Table too isn’t just an edgy statement piece of furniture – its an artwork seamlessly blending the rustic wood and the strength of steel along with a utilitarian pouch (can be useful for holding newspapers and remotes). Unlike others, the bigger furniture items are crafted out of birch plywood which being cross-banded and laminated is resistant to the humidity of our country.

The Object Store’s USP lies in crafting superior quality furniture, lighting, and decor accents keeping in mind the aesthetic neutrality and the inherent rustic essence of wood with clean, sleek, minimalist designs that will redefine any space in your home, while not compromising on the functionality aspect. Another plus point of this brand is that the customer can choose the colour and material options as per their living space and preferences. Seen below is their signature Corona Lamp, which is inspired by the solar eclipse…

With Aditya at the helm of this start-up, the goal of producing small batches of top quality bespoke products is expertly accomplished by a team of master craftsmen who work tirelessly for The Object Store. These artisans have worked with small, yet exquisite gift and jewelry boxes in the past which gives them the required experience of focusing on the details and carrying forward the same expertise and legacy to bigger products.

You can follow The Object Store on Instagram and Facebook. Access their website here. Don’t forget to use the code ‘NEHA15‘ for a 15% discount on your favourite product by The Object Store.

We wish them the very best for a bright, shining future!

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