These Twelve Instagram Divas show you their way of Welcoming the Spring in 2019

Again, the violet bows to the lily.
Again, the rose is tearing off her gown!
The green ones have come from the other world,
tipsy like the breeze up to some new foolishness.
Again, near the top of the mountain
the anemone’s sweet features appear.
The hyacinth speaks formally to the jasmine,
“Peace be with you.” “And peace to you, lad!
Come walk with me in this meadow.”
Again, the season of Spring has come
and a spring-source rises under everything,
a moon sliding from the shadows……Rumi

Oh how more profound can Rumi get while slaying us with his golden words about Spring? We just celebrated Vasant Panchami last week to welcome the onset of my favourite season. Spring – when you feel more energetic and rejuvenated than ever, when the grass in the meadow smells sweeter than ever, when the birds chirp more than usual, when the flowers cast a kaleidoscopic shadow over the entire landscape, and when all you feel like doing is to get away from the humdrum of the city life and rolling down a floral cascade in the ‘Valley of Flowers’. Now, that’s Spring, or maybe I just said my dream out aloud.

This is the first blog of the year and yes, it took me a while to get there, but we are finally here. This is the second edition of Spring season styling (you can check the first edition here) and like last time, I requested a few friends of mine (some old, some new) on Instagram to showcase their idea of welcoming this gorgeous season into their homes and lives.

Reshma Kadvath: A published writer, a proud Army Wife, and a self-confessed DIYer, who truly believes in the mantra of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, Reshma is no stranger to accolades coming her way from ardent fans of her creativity (like moi) all the time. She virtually transports us to a floral clearing in her garden and says – “When its old walls shut her in, no one knew where she was’- this line from the classic  ‘The Secret Garden’, is what I want my garden to be for me; a private sanctuary filled with spring flowers, overgrown creepers, uncut grass, fallen leaves, dancing butterflies… a place to escape from the travails of life, even if it is but for a moment.” You can follow Reshma here.

Reshma’s floral oasis is truly an ode to Spring!

Honey Aulakh: I call her the ‘Queen of Quirk’. Its quite evident by her absolutely whimsical and quirky IG feed which is typically peppered with ‘Honey style’. She says – “Creating a seasonal vignette is my favourite way to decorate my home. With spring, the first thing that comes to mind is to refresh my home for the season. Yellow colour plays the hero, of course! I’m crazy about flowers all year long, but there’s something about spring flowers that’s exceptional. Love the colour burst they bring after cruel winter months. It’s a delight to see so much beauty after a hiatus. When I think of spring, the two things I always think of are flowers and birds. Here, I chose two ceramic birdies along with a bird planter. Crisp cotton cushions are must too. I don’t do too much thinking while creating a spring vignette… Some fresh cushions, flowers and a new coffee table decor is all I need.” You can follow Honey here

This big bunch of yellow Chrysanthemums is cheerful and Springy!

Raina: I am in awe of our Namma Bengaluru girl’s gorgeous, nature-inspired flatlays that she recently put up on her page, and I love how she completely find beauty in the most inconspicuous of things – rocks, pebbles from the beach, pine cones, and of course, flowers and weaves them into stories of her own imagination. Raina says – “Nature is an integral part of my home décor and I almost always have flowers at home. Come spring, there is a renewed energy to go foraging and bring all sorts of colourful blooms home and style them on the dining table or as a part of my coffee table décor.  I like styling flowers in ordinary things like teacups, mason jars, planters, glass bottles and often see the end result nothing short of magic! I believe flowers have the power to uplift any space and any mood!” You can follow her here.

A bougainvillea flatlay by Raina

Bhakti Achara: After going to the moon and back over the sweetest email that anyone has sent me all these years, I got down to soak in the ethereal beauty of Bhakti’s home. Her administration job at the company leaves her with little or no time to add to the decor of her place (which is already beautiful!). But she loves trying her hand at vignettes which mirror her taste in nature and decor. Throw in a barni full of yellow flowers, and quirky touches of Bhakti’s decor sense along with a gorgeous Kamdhenu print by Meenal, and you have a Spring styled winner look right here! You can follow Bhakti here.

Kapila Banerjee: My good friend from Indore, Kapila shared with me an image of a stunning Spring styled coffee table during one of her soirees from the living room; its made even more gorgeous by a table lamp and tiny metal artefacts with a generous dose of green on her coffee table. She adds – “Spring means sunshine to me, with loads of colours around. I use this time to give a fresh look to my space by adding plants, fresh flowers, bright cushions, and lights around. This season my favourite colour is shades of green”. You can follow her here.

Shraddha: This talented lady is no stranger to fame as she is an expert in transforming drab spaces into fabulous green oases in a fast pace city like Mumbai. Shraddha has created her own green heaven in one of the most beautiful balconies I have ever come across. And it just evokes the essence of Spring within us too. Don’t you agree with me? You can follow her here.

Bindu Joseph: That we have drooled enough over Bindu’s expansive and super super enchanting home and garden would be an understatement. She has always mesmerised us with her classy vignettes, dining room table scape ideas, and of course, her inherent sense of home decor. She says – “Spring is the most loved season for me and I love to include fresh flowers in every corner of my house. Flowers always give a refreshing look to any decor and make you happy”. You made me very happy with this image of freshly plucked and styled pink bougainvilleas from your garden Bindu! You can follow her here.

Gargi Khosla: She is an interior designer and an avid gardener from Noida, and I was fortunate to cover her regal home in one of my blogs. She loves indulging in her terrace garden during Spring and enjoys her snack time in her green paradise. You can follow Gargi here.

Gargi’s vibrant terrace garden in Noida

Seema Singh: Her Bengaluru based home is nothing short of an enchanting green heaven and the lady literally is a plant whisperer. She says – “There’s nothing like the great outdoors and when it’s on your doorstep…you have to make the most of it. In India we have a very short spring before the summers hit us. Once I open my patio door its all one place..the inside and outside.” She further adds – “I am celebrating spring by going floral with my decor. Floral prints and real flowers everywhere. When you have a harmonious blend between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, the possibilities are endless…and exciting! This year is all about going botanical and flowery for me. Planning to have an extended spring through the year”. Seema shares her two cents about Spring styling – Put flowers on your center tables, kitchen, bathrooms & bedrooms. Never neglect any corner. Nothing says spring like nature. And nothing says spring decor like using natural elements in design. Go on make your home cheerful and enjoy the spring while it lasts”. You can follow Seema here.

Meenal: I am pretty sure there’s not a soul on Instagram who isn’t familiar with the painstakingly handcrafted and psychedelic prints of Kamdhenu and  Lord Jaggannath by Paint Pottery Products aka Meenal. She says – “I’m really quite pleased with my colorful vibes of Spring by my bedside. As you gaze up my gallery wall you may recognize many of these pieces are from the past and my early works. They made me realize how far I have come. Just as a birds nest is composed of layers, so should be your home. You got to have the things that make you feel good and you love surrounding them around you. Tell a story of your life with things you collect and which connects. I love my art, memories and all stuff in my home. It tells my story❤️”. Thank you dear. You can follow Meenal here.

Hemal: She breathes life into paper with her water colour illustrations of the botanicals, and when she ain’t doing that on her page Indigosanaa, she wows us with her Indian and African inspired decor sensibilities in her Nairobi-based charming home. Hemal says – “I live in a tropical climate so we are very lucky to have a feel of spring all year round. If I need to be more specific, Spring signifies abundance to me. Abundance in colour, fragrance, freshness . Abundance in bounty of nature in the form of flowers and fruits and a general feeling of sunshine and happiness.  Spring is synonymous with abundance and hope. In my decor, I try to infuse this freshness bringing in colorful flowers, fruits, fresh greens and bright colors. My jade plant flowers only once a year and when the buds start appearing on it, I know its a special time. All these are a sure shot recipe for happy spaces with warm positive vibes.” You can follow Hemal here.

Neha Desor: She has constantly being giving us home decor goals since the inception of her Instagram account. And this time also, it’s nothing less. In a  city famous for the Australian Open and the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), Neha deftly mixes and matches colours, textures, elements of nature, metal, and fabrics to give any home staging professional a run for their money. Vibrant woven baskets on the wall, an eclectic kilim rug, a hammered metal pouff, and gorgeous elements of nature (I just couldn’t go past that fiddle leaf fig) blend beautifully with the warmth of wood and sunshine filtering in through the glass doors. A perfect recipe for a Spring time vignette. Do you agree? You can follow Neha here.

And with this, I come to the end of the 2nd Spring styling edition on my blog. I hope you all got a bunch of inspiration from these decoristas who were extremely generous sharing their thoughts and knowledge, for which I am grateful to them. And on that note, I have an exciting collaboration coming up on the blog next week. So, do watch out for this space and leave your comments in the section below (I go through them every single time!). Have a great weekend you all…



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