Priyanka’s Farmhouse Style Paradise in Charlotte, NC

Hello there my lovelies,

How have you all been doing? The festive season is upon us and I have been pretty busy on the work front, completing and dispatching mosaic artworks for the past month. And before you know, Diwali will be here and so will Christmas and the New Year. It all seems like a blur when you think that this year just whooshed past you, no?

I got tremendous response to Roopa and Hari’s Spanish Revival style Indian Home. So, thank you all for showering so much love. If you still haven’t been mesmerised by its sheer beauty and novelty, the link is right here. I always strive to bring new and different home styles to you all and today’s home tour will usher in the charm of aged wood, warmth of the lit-up logs in the fireplace and fragrance of fresh flowers from the farm like no other.

Welcome to Priyanka and Deepak’s Farmhouse style beautiful home in Charlotte, North Carolina which they share with their five-year old son, Saahir. Priyanka has made US her home after living there for 14 years now and living in Charlotte has been quite an interesting shift from their rushed up lifestyle in New Jersey. This young family now loves this slow paced country lifestyle abundant with patchwork hills, rustic landscapes, farmhouses, barns, and green pastures.

For those who are not familiar with the ‘Farmhouse Decor‘ style – it encompasses slow and simple living, a very practical and savvy one at that. This style of decor is characteristic of the earthiness of wood, the rusticity of exposed brick/stone walls, balance of hand-me-downs and flea market treasures with sophisticated furniture, and is organic enough to evolve on its own. When decorating with this style, its important to have the country style but not too kitschy; old world surely, but practical and not delicate; rustic and organic, and yet not something which resembles with a rooster clucking at dawn to wake up the entire community πŸ™‚ Its always a good idea to mix and match different textures and pieces of furniture if you are to achieve this kind of look in your home.

A Farmhouse style kitchen from Joanna Gaines’ Shop/Blog website – Magnolia
An American farmhouse style living room from Joanna Gaines’ shop/blog website – Magnolia

Having lived in city apartments all these years, the couple made a sensible choice when it came to picking a heaven that they could call their own. Their home spanning over 3800 sq.ft of living space is in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC and comprises four bedrooms with spacious front and back yards. Priyanka, while working as a full time software consultant tries to add bits of ‘Joanna Gaines’ (host of the Fixer Upper) charm to her abode without burning a hole in her pocket. The home is still a work in progress, and the interiors actually started off with being more eclectic than rustic; but with Priyanka’s new found enthusiasm for home styling, when she stumbled upon Instagram, her new home interiors painted a farmhouse style picture in front of her. And then it was just a matter of time before she followed her heart.

The entryway of Priyanka’s home is a two storey foyer which not only lets in a lot of natural light but also gives an illusion of space while providing a complete view from the second floor. I am absolutely digging this space where she has styled the console with lot of textures against neutrally painted walls – woven baskets, lanterns, books, storage boxes, lamps, and of course, that irresistible hint of green.

A closer look of the entryway console

If you take a closer look, most of the elements on her console are absolutely beautiful and add a lot of character, but are also functional. Like these assortment of different boxes and wicker baskets are big enough to stock hats, letters, scarves, throws, and keys. Priyanka loves to add vintage beauties to her home, and loves scourging through antique shops for such hidden treasures.

The first floor of her home comprises the living room, kitchen with breakfast area, formal dining room, laundry, mud room, a guest bedroom and a full bath. The second floor has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, loft area and a media room. Priyanka loves the fact that the home is packed with a number of closets which gives her ample storage to hide all the clutter, thus keeping the living spaces neat and clean.

The living room is something that farmhouse decor dreams are made of. Its brightly lit at all times and since it flows directly into the open kitchen too, the entire layout is very open. It helps if you want to entertain your guests or want to watch TV while cooking or even have to keep an eye on your toddler.

The neutral color palette in the living room with shades of grey, white, brown, and beige looks simple, yet effective. To keep this palette from overpowering, Priyanka has added pops of colour (like fresh flowers and faux plants) and textures in the form of an interesting mix of curios on those ladder shelves and the console and of course, a generous infusion of wood.

I love the concept of ladder shelves in any space. A couple of them can make any drab corner look so fascinating as they come armed with the versatility of the ever-changing paraphernalia. Plants, books, vintage frames and clocks, travel souvenirs, woven baskets…the options with these shelves are immense. A cart coffee table adds a dollop of industrial chic element to this farmhouse style living room. There’s so much you can do with this coffee table when it comes to creating vignettes. Take a look below:

The fireplace is another corner which is prone to Priyanka’s experimenting prowess – from candle stands and lanterns to wicker basket planters and book holders, you can go crazy here…

Priyanka’s kitchen is at the heart of her home. Its open, like most kitchens, and is strategically located in a way that she can have a complete view of both the living and the dining areas. While she loves her kitchen now, when she had newly moved in, the cabinets were dark brown giving it a sombre look. Two winters into this boring space were enough to give her a nudge for a kitchen facelift and she came up with the idea of a white kitchen (in spite of all the mess that comes with Indian cooking); she also went for a blue island to give this space a gorgeous contrast. I think I should just stay quiet now and let you all enjoy the images below πŸ™‚

A clutter-free kitchen with vintage hardware all around, that’s something Priyanka has nailed beautifully. She keeps her countertops free of any decor.

The living room spills over to the dining area and looks an integral part of the same design scheme and has a fascinating view outside. I so love that gorgeous pendant light above the table. It just ties up all the rustic elements together so beautifully that one’s meal automatically tastes delicious!

The vintage, rustic theme continues to the master bedroom, where Priyanka has mixed and matched textures, colours, and patterns so tastefully, that nothing looks out of place. My heart is on that vintage dresser though – its so charming…

Priyanka keeps her penchant for styling and sharing pictures of her home alive through her Instagram handle – @ahomediary I hope you all enjoyed this short farmhouse style home tour. From whatever little I could learn from this style of decor is –

  • Neutral colour palette
  • Mix and match of textures, patterns, and colours
  • Pop of colours in the form of plants, fresh flowers, interesting curios
  • Fine balance between the old and new, rustic and modern, & style and practicality
  • Add lots of storage baskets – wicker, seaweed, metal, wooden crates

Ending this home tour with a few of her favourite vignettes that Priyanka shared with me:

As always, I look forward to your comments on this post. The section for those is right below. Have a happy festive week you all!

All images in this blog post belong to Priyanka (ahomediary) and may not be copied, reproduced, or used without her prior approval. A couple of images belonging to Joanna Gainnes’ blog website Magnolia have been given due credit with links. Text copyright: A Cauldron Full of Love.


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