Learn the ropes of welcoming Spring 2020 in style from these 13 Instagram Divas

It’s SPRING fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want to β€” oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! – Mark Twain

So true are these words by one of my favourite writers! Welcome to the Annual Spring Edit 2020. I know I am late, but the spring fever caught up with me, and not in a good way! If you guys are familiar with the Garden City’s weather, you might know that the transition from winter to spring is marked by intense pollen and dust mites in the air, both of which clandestinely form a pact each year and wreak havoc on my respiratory system πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I am better now, and back with a new edition on how our popular decoristas on Instagram are welcoming Spring in their respective worlds…

Roopa Hariprasad: You might remember the gorgeous and energy efficient Bengaluru home of Roopa from my blog last year. She says, “Nothing heralds spring in Bengaluru more than the flowering of mango trees. Our tiny mango tree in the front yard is blooming. The Bougainville is making a splash of color in the front of our home. Fresh cut flowers can make any space look festive, cheerful and inviting. Growing flowers at home is both therapeutic and very fulfilling“. Follow Roopa here.

Saranya Padmanabhan: “Spring to me is all about bringing in colors after the grey winter. And this spring, its all about mixing earthy vibes with jewel tones. The green wall mixed in with plants, terracotta & wooden furniture pieces bring in the earthy vibes  and the blush pink daybed cover, the bright ikat floor cushions, brass & the vibrant painting lends to the jewel tones!” I just cant get enough of that green wall Saranya!! Follow her here.

Ankita Rai: “My bedroom is my favourite room in my whole house and I spend most of my free time with my toddler in this room . I change the decor and theme of this room according to my mood and season and mostly go by theme . Spring is one of my favourite seasons. Needless to say the fresh blooms, pleasant sunlight after the harsh winters and butterflies in the garden, all of it makes it special. I am obsessed with block prints and handmade stuff . The print on quilt ,the boho macrame lumber pillow and red sequinned cushions make for a perfect valentine cum spring theme vignette”. You can follow Ankita here.

Anupma: This lady is multiple personas all rolled into one – an IT professional, decor enthusiast, amateur theatre artist, and a poetess! Anupma believes that the simplest things in life give the most extraordinary pleasures and her favourite way to brighten up any corner is to have fresh flowers and plants. She adds, “I personally love the local flowers available in surroundings. Difficult to resist the awesome Allamanda, blushing bougainville, fragrant frangipani, fiery flaming forest, gorgeous gulmohar, joyful jasmine, lovely laburnums, magical madhumalti or myriad mustard.” She also loves using unusual vases for displaying her fresh floral forage – from mason jars, jugs, and barnis to empty glass bottles, coffee mugs, lanterns, and glass bowls, she loves experimenting with fresh flower arrangements. Anupma also likes to accessorise her home with cushions, rugs and throws all of which can be changed as per mood and season. You can follow Anupma here.

Shefali: If there’s one Instagram page that I religiously follow, its Shefali’s. Her Instagram handle is a visual delight for anyone who has a discerning eye for bohemian decor. She says,”Spring to me means a lot of fresh pastel colours, bunches of flowers and hosting get-togethers. So here’s a tablescape that represents all of spring to me – foraged flowers, picnic food, and lots of pastels. One thing I keep in mind while throwing in a lot of colours in limited space (like a table here) is using one main colour and then small elements of other colours. In other rooms in my house, a quick way to switch up the decor from warm fuzzy winters to fresh spring vibes is a change to soft furnishings and accent pieces. All the whites and reds of winters have been replaced with colourful planters and furnishing.” You can follow Shefali here.

Sujatha Arvind: Sujatha is an artist and she makes the most amazing watercolour paintings and retails them through her page @sujawatercolors. If you look at her work, it looks so ethereal and yet real, that you feel like the flowers in her art book are speaking to you. She says,”Spring for me is not only in the farm but in my palette and in fact my son’s! I have used his paintings on the glass pen stand. I love painting flowers and you have me the excuse to go for it! Nothing signifies spring like flowers whether they are in a pot, vase or on paper!

Shilpi: If there’s one woman who has nailed the global-boho-eclectic decor vibe, it has to be none other than Shilpi. Her account is so vibrant and just full of decor goodness that its like a colour therapy for me which I unfailingly go through once a week at least πŸ™‚ Take a look at how she has draped her entire home in colours of nature! You can follow Shilpi here.

Prachee: Another one of my favourite creative people on the social media is Prachee. She is a painter, an illustrator, a storyteller, and a poetess. She pens down a few lines for us – “Ah! The spring season, so sweet, time to plat flowers and trees. Blossom of new flowers, different colours they are.” She adds that as a floral artist from India, Spring time is one of the best seasons and that she tries to create realistic floral art. Whether its this gorgeous pink floral flatlay or the botanicals framed up on the wall, Prachee surely captures the essence of Spring in style. Follow here here .

Chitra Seetharaman: This woman is not just a hugely talented and accredited staging professional, but she is also one of the most generous people I have come across with a keen sense of elegant home decor. I still remember her global eclectic home in Aurora (US) which was part of my blog a couple of years ago. She says,”Spring! My favourite season of all. A second chance, a time for new growth and new perspective. I associate spring time in my home with de-cluttering and summer planning for various projects around the house. It is the season I am most productive and the long days and short nights kindle hope. Decor wise, you will find bright colours added all around my home, mandatory flowers, and a clean setup.” You can follow Chitra here.

Anjari Ganguly: An architect and interior stylist, a sketch artist, and a self-confessed plant mom, Anjari speaks my mind when it comes to welcoming Spring. She says,“After the harsh Delhi winters, the best thing is to welcome the Spring. How do I do that? I try my hand on seasonally-appropriate decor, which means that now that the home is de-cluttered with loads of winterwear and blankets, I officially start my Spring Makeover. My living room is all decked up in bright colours, floral prints, and fresh flowers; and after a long day at the office, I like to put her feet up with a cup of lemon ice tea.” You can follow her here

Sonakshi: Her home has a cool, young and modern vibe with perfect hints of eclectic style and a generous green cover. She says,“Spring – a season of rejuvenation, rebirth, and resurrection. The season fills me up with optimism and encourages me to bring more greenery into my home. Layering bright cushions, budding flowers and just the right amount of illumination is my idea of welcoming this Spring.” Follow Sonakshi here.

Poornima Murthy: She is the queen of maximalist Indian decor and has an enviable and drool worthy collection of art and brass artefacts at her home. Such is her abode that your eyes keep moving from one corner to another but you just never seem to get satiated. Take a look at her Spring-inspired home. You can follow Poornima here.

Jyoti Malude: Its the red wall beset with blue pottery tiles and printing blocks from Jaipur in her home which got me hooked to her page. Jyoti is an Army wife, a decor enthusiast, and a dog lover too, with a green thumb. Spring comes in her home through her green deck and bright furnishings. Follow Jyoti here.

So, you see, each Diva has their own style and sensibility to usher in this wonderful season – from pastel table scapes to brightly coloured furnishings to fresh flowers and plants in their homes to artistic renditions. And as far as I am concerned, I am obviously not as talented as these ladies, but consciously choose organic textures and fresh flowers (a must) for my home during this season; even the Bloomingdale needs a little TLC as the season changes, so I put in some effort there too.

And that’s where we end this year’s Spring edit. Do let me know if you guys liked it. I read the comments every single time πŸ™‚ Have a happy weekend!