Kavitha & Vivek’s Perth Home Full of Heirlooms & Memories: A nod to the Indian Traditions and Values

Hello Everyone,

The last time we met, I was so happy rolling out the Annual Spring Edit 2020 with a host of Instagram divas that I had no inkling of what was to follow just 20 days later. I am not going to bore you with details because I am sure you guys already have more information than we all need to know. Let’s change course and watch something happy unfold before us.

Its the First Home Tour of the year and I couldn’t be happier to showcase it in front of all of you because the homeowner’s decor sensibilities are quite similar to mine. I have always believed that a home isn’t just expensive marble inlays, rustic decks, art deco furniture and pretty furnishings that look straight out of an architectural magazine – a home is made up of the people living in it, their stories, their laughter, their memories, plants, and of course, a bit of decor πŸ™‚

Kavitha and Vivek share this beautiful home in Perth, Australia with their two kids – Nithika and Nithin. Vivek helms the finance department of a company (CFO) while Kavitha, a University rank holder in English is a happy multitasking homemaker who has her priorities and her heart set at various hobbies including gardening, photography, reading, and of course, making her home look beautiful.

The foyer sports a gorgeous console with all the metallic goodness of brass and my favourite decor accessory – plants! Just add a bunch of this natural green element to any corner and the transformation is instantaneous…Don’t you agree? I love how Kavitha has played with heights and sizes of planters here to add an element of visual glamour. Most of these brass planters are heirlooms handed down to Kavitha from her parents and grandparents and some of them have been picked up by her during her visits to India. I just couldn’t miss the intricate details on each one of them. On that note, I have to share her brass collection with all of you; you HAVE to see it to believe it because it is nothing less than a Golu Collection of metallic artifacts…(Golu is a festive display of dolls and figurines that people in South India put up during Navratri/Dusshera)

Isn’t it just absolutely delightful? I felt like Harry Potter walking through a gold vault in the Gringotts πŸ˜‰

The formal living room is swathed in neutrals which is not only comforting but also makes for a perfect canvas for Kavitha’s experimentation with arranging and re-arranging her artifacts. I love how she has accessorised her couch with colourful cushions and broken the white monotony of the space with lots of plants and brass planters! Gorgeous, isn’t it?

The living room is simple and functional much to the liking of the man of the house. Vivek, being an Army school alumnus, likes a minimalist and functional setup with a fuss free arrangement. However, Kavitha has made it a point to have an inclusion of small brass artifacts in this otherwise media unit πŸ˜‰

Also, I just had a moment of dΓ©jΓ  vu when I saw those plants stacked up at varying heights in the brass planters on either side of the TV unit; my lovely mother-in-law also arranges her set of plants the same way all around her home (see below)

The gleaming brassware spills from the living room to Kavitha’s kitchen counter too and can I just say those brass vessels have my heart?

The dining area is a simple family space; however, two very distinct conversation starters – one, a collage of the travel pictures of the family, and second, the metal embossed coffee painting of Goddess Durga (made by a friend of Kavitha) make this a chatty, cheerful space.

This sun-kissed corner in Kavitha’s theatre room is all kinds of decor goals – from generous use of brass artifacts to clever juxtaposition of colours, glass lanterns, and plants. Here also, if you notice, she has created a delightful corner by grouping together various shapes and sizes of brass and copper pots and lanterns at varying heights that instantly draws the eye.

The master bedroom is typical in its comfort and space factor and has a touch of Kavitha’s aesthetics too. The painting on the wall is a hieroglyphics papyrus artwork with the couple’s names on it and was gifted by their friend during their visit to Cairo, Egypt.

Kavitha isn’t your typical homemaker who just shops/curates and accumulates home decor from world over; she is also a seasoned DIYer. From salvaging an abandoned copper container into a planter to creating colourful frames from leftover pieces of brocade fabric, and from transforming a cheese board into a Ganesha wall hanging to painting a pallanguli herself, she has done it all. Sharing a few of a her DIYs here…

Kavitha and Vivek’s home in Perth is truly an embodiment of preserving one’s culture and values while living abroad. Kavitha is definitely an amazing homemaker, but at heart, she is an old soul. She loves keeping up with old traditions, curates antique and vintage treasures that are truly Indian at their core, prefers cooking fresh meals at home than a take-out, favours handmade art over art prints sold online and turns to Ayurveda/home remedies before popping in a panadol. The way she has conserved a little bit of India in her heart and her home speaks volumes about her upbringing and her aesthetic sense that has been ingrained in her ever since she was a kid. Kavitha, thank you so much for giving us a peek into your bright, scintillating, Indian home!

Before I end this post, please do take a look at some of the festive and most beautiful vignettes she has created for all of you!

You all can follow Kavitha on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiration for your home. Also, do drop in your comments about the blog post in the section below. I always read them πŸ™‚ Please take care all of you and stay safe.

All images in this blog post belong to Kavitha Vivek and may not be copied, reproduced, or used without her prior approval. Text copyright: A Cauldron Full of Love.



  1. Wow lovely, Best wishes, wishing you many more, your love and dedication for everything you do deserves an appreciation. Very proud and happy for you, stay blessed. Congrats VeVe and family.


  2. Lovely and unique collections of brass and paintings well arranged.Pleasing for the eyes. Keep it up Mrs & Mr Vivek.


  3. Lovely to see your home virtually. Congratulations to both of you Kavita and Vivek. May the positivity flow in the spaces built by you with tremendous love.
    Bless you


  4. Vow really amazing.
    The way you described everything in detail in this article ignites a passion to decorate my own home.
    Thanks for sharing and keep going .
    All the very best !!


    1. Amazing Kavitha,
      Well done & keep inspiring! Beauty of home calms the soul, lots to learn from you!
      Good luck for many more to come.
      A well-felt article, took me straight into the home a near virtual reality experience through words…!


  5. kaviitha Vivek ,So happy for your success and I hope that you get success at every point. May your life be filled with the happiness and all the sadness eliminate from your life.Thank you Cauldron Full of Love πŸ™.


  6. Good artistic talent, Kavitha and Vivek. The meticulous description too makes it more appealing.πŸ‘. My best wishes


  7. Beautiful lovely home….Ahh all those brass collections and can u please pass us the secret of how u keep it shining ?


    1. I use vinegar and baking soda,tomato sauce ,tamarind and salt,yoghurt,peetambari and ofcourse elbow grease)off late, I have been taking them to India to get it polished.(One of our very close friends own a shop that sells,lorry spares,they get all their aluminium beading polished in a shop,so whenever I go to India they get it done for me,hence the shineπŸ’₯πŸ’₯


      1. Appreciate ur response.. Can u please pass the contact of chennai shop as I live in Chennai and have many brass collections πŸ™‚


      1. beautiful collection, Kavitha! Is it some kind of permanent polish that you do for the brasswarein Pollachi?


  8. Amazing Kavitha,
    Well done & keep inspiring! Beauty of home calms the soul, lots to learn from you!
    Good luck for many more to come.
    A well-felt article, took me straight into the home a near virtual reality experience through words…!


  9. Amazing Kavitha,
    Well done & keep inspiring! Beauty of home calms the soul, lots to learn from you!
    Good luck for many more to come.
    A well-felt article, took me straight into the home a near virtual reality experience through words…!


  10. This is just beautiful Neha.Thanks for introducing us to such extravagant decor enthusiasts every now and then.. Loved reading every bit of it. It was no less than a live home tour. I was totally into it. It’s always been a pleasure reading your blogs and learning more of home decor asthetics.πŸ‘πŸ‘
    @Kavitha – loved every bit of you home from decor to choices of colours, your curated collections and your DIY’sπŸ‘Œ

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Wonderful decoration akka.. Loved ur brass collection.. Looking forward to see your innovative decoration in future too.. Keep rocking…


  12. Wonderful decoration akka.. Loved ur brass collection.. Looking forward to see your innovative decoration in future too.. Keep rocking…


  13. Beautiful and lovely home . Every corner of this house speaks of the owner’s love for fine decor.
    My cousin Uma spoke so much about your house Kavitha , and I agree with her that it’s simple exquisite . Love the Murugan alangaram as well. Great job ma.


  14. Neha, it’s a mesmerizing read. You have described everything so vividly. As if I am visiting Kavitha in person.

    I adore the way Kavitha does the home styling, her DIYs and the small but such useful tips she shares.
    I follow her on a few groups on Facebook.

    Thanks to both of you for inspiring.



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