Little Ben and Holly: The Pink Chair’s Cutesy Kid Chairs

After eating breakfast, Goldilocks walked into the three bear’s living room and saw three chairs. The first two were too big and hard so she tried the last and smallest chair.

“Ah this one’s just right…”

Imagine reading this story to your child when he or she is sitting on their own little armchair!

Furniture isn’t just for adults anymore. With the launch of Little Ben and Holly, the Pink Chair is venturing into a niche zone of adult styled furniture for children. This line of children’s furniture is designed to seamlessly blend in with regular sized furniture in terms of form and shape while its size and styling give it a childish appeal.

Children today expect to be treated as adults and have their own style preferences. Instead of sitting on ‘Mama’s armchair, they want to sit in their own chair when watching TV or cozying up with a storybook. Rashmi Nagaraju, the founder and owner of Dekorizzle was putting together an exclusive range of furniture for children when she realized that there was no furniture for children that could fit in with regular living room furniture.

A conversation with Komal Sandhu, the founder and designer of the Pink Chair, struck the right chord as Komal was already working on an initial stage of a kids range chair as there was a clear gap in the market. They realized that the existing kid furniture options were limited to study tables, stools and beanbags. This set Komal, the mother of a 4-year old onto her path of studying the ergonomic needs of children and creating Little Ben and Holly.

The Little Ben and Holly armchairs have been designed as heirloom pieces for children. This scaled down wingchair is ideal for a 3-7 years old child’s cozy corner. The chair is upholstered in two complementary fabrics with add on hand crafted appliques. Choose from a range of upholstery choices for your little boy or little girl’s armchair.


Turned wooden legs give the armchair its stability and lift it to the most ergonomic height for children. Little Holly showcased in the photograph has been upholstered in a refreshing green fabric and a vibrant butterfly print fabric. Crocheted butterflies with bead highlights accentuate the playfulness of this armchair.

Dekorizzle is an online discovery platform for home decor stores, products and services. It aims to connect consumers to unique home decor, furniture, home improvement stores, home services and individual artists & product designers from across India.

The Pink Chair is a Bangalore based furniture studio that focuses on signature furniture pieces with an eye on quality and comfort. The Pink Chair pays the same attention to detail synonymous with the brand to children’s furniture as it does to adult furniture. Each piece of fabric is hand cut and sewn on-line to achieve seamless joints on all four sides. Endless quality checks ensure that the wooden frame is sturdily constructed and cushions set right to give the perfect bounce and comfort. Like all the other pieces, this furniture is guaranteed to maintain its beauty for years to come.

And lastly, a thought we’d like to leave you with; “Wouldn’t a chair they could call their own make a much better gift for your child than an expensive toy that might easily break or a fancy dress they could soon get bored with.”

P.S. If you haven’t had a chance to witness the jaw dropping work that Komal Sandhu does with her chairs and sofas, get going here.

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