Satiate your Boho Chic Soul with Copper Fringe

When Dia Sughand, a veteran costume designer and stylist in the fashion industry and now a creative entrepreneur heading a cool start-up called Copper Fringe connected with me to get her brand on board my blog for a feature, I was all game for it. For me, it just wasn’t another gorgeous accessory adding sparkles to my Bloomingdale, but also something that satiated my boho chic soul. You see, macrame is a craft that’s not just delicately beautiful, but also purely meditative and gratifying right down to the core; I can say that without blinking my eyes because I experience the same gratification when I create mosaics.

Macrame has had its roots in the Arabic weavers’ word – ‘migramah‘ which means fringe. These decorative fringes, which covered the backs of horses and camels in hot deserts in Northern parts of Africa, also kept the fleas away. Later, they were used by the sailors to craft ornamental covers for knife handles, bottles, and even parts of a ship.

Copper Fringe is Dia’s home-made project which she happily relishes post the daily rigmarole of her day job. This art of using rope and knot permutations and combinations to create ethereal products for decorative or utility purposes is what keeps Dia’s imagination running. A lot of people think that macrame is limited to plant holders. Copper Fringe is here to dispel this common myth – from chandelier lanterns, dream catchers, and hammocks to wall shelves, handcrafted nameplates and poster bed buntings, she’s made them all. In fact, the USP of macramé lies in its versatility…showcasing some of her creations-

Since the decor enthusiast in me couldn’t keep her eyes from roving on her enchanting collection, I requested her to send a couple of plant holders. Another reason was that I literally don’t have any spare walls left in my home now 😉 Now, it might seem so common when I say that, but they looked quite good when I put them up in my balconies. Take a look:

The single planter holder is simple yet beautiful and looks good in one of the corners of my Bloomingdale. I love how she weaves in tiny copper accessories in her macrame to give them a sophisticated look.

The tiny philodendron and fern twig are looking quite happy and cosy in this double planter holder.


I placed it in my balcony garden, although later, I moved it to my little bedroom balcony. I have created a small lounge for the Hubs where he unwinds after a long day at work and the only thing the space was missing was a planter! I honestly don’t know how I missed placing this element for such a long time! 🙂 I think he likes it better now.

Ending this post overloaded with dainty gorgeousness, you guys can connect with Dia for bespoke macrame beauties through her Instagram and Facebook page. I wish her all the best for this venture.

Have a happy weekend ahead you all!

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